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The Chronic Pain and Fitness Connection

Believe it or not, regular exercies maybe the new prescription for alleviating the discomfort of chronic pain. When the benefits of movement and the drawbacks of inactivity are compared, the advantages are quite lucid.

When an individual is overwhelmed by pain, exercise is last recourse a person may consider; however, it may offer more relief than not. A regular fitness program represents a versatile arsenal against the pangs of chronic pain.

For instance, inactivity may pose a myriad of risks. During inactivity, all muscles weaken, including the heart. As a result, they will not work effectively. The susceptibility of elevated blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol increases. Not to mention,
inactivity leads to stress, fatigue, and anxiety.

Years ago, physicians would prescribe bed rest as a means of healing the body. Today, medical science has found the opposite to be true. As long as the body is limited to rest, it is more prone to become de-conditioned —contributing to chronic pain.

On the contrary, movement offers many physical and health benefits. When the body is in motion, it triggers the body to release endorphins. Endorphins are beneficial chemicals that have the ability to impede pain signals from being transmitted to the brain. Additionally, endorphins help ease stress and anxiety.

In the opinions of certain medical experts, these endorphins act as natural pain relievers.
Restful sleep is another advantageous to exercising, because it innately reduces stress hormones from interrupting a good night’s rest.

Moreover, activity enhances, the body’s strength. When the body is stronger, the more relief it can provide for the bones and cartilage. More importantly, through a regular fitness program, flexibility is improved, alleviating the propensity of chronic pains and aches.

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