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Bodybuilding 101: Sit, Stand and Breath Right

When your resistance-training program feels unbalanced or like it is missing an important ingredient, revert to the essentials of bodybuilding. Use these tips to determine if your are weight training appropriately.
Employ Proper Posture
Proper posture is the difference between bodybuilding a better body and injury during resistance training. Instead of focusing on sets and repetitions, concentrate on your form being solid. Moreover, improper form or posture is tantamount to an inferior workout.
How-to Achieve the Correct Proper Form
With your feet shoulder width apart, standing in front of a mirror with your eyes facing forward, tuck in your hips under and retract your abdominals. Maintaining this form will protect the lower back and spine securing your body in a safety zone.
The same posture can be emulated during bodybuilding from the sitting position. Develop the habit of being cognizant of your body’s alignment. Imagine that the proper form is like an invisible protective invisible girdle tightly safeguarding your torso from injury.
Inhale and Exhale
Although breathing is a basic need, it is commonly forgotten during bodybuilding. In fact, you should always be aware of each inhalation and exhalation. Holding one’s breath during weight lifting imposes numerous risk on the heart. As a result breathing is vital to maintaining a normal heart rate and blood pressure.
When-to Inhale and Exhale for Proper Breathing
During the midst of your lift, be sure to inhale through the nose. Maintain a long deep breath until you feel yourself reach your limit or capacity. Once you achieve exertion, rapidly exhale through your mouth. The more you synchronize your inhalations and exhalations during bodybuilding; your breathing pattern will become innately rhythmic – overtime.

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