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15-Fast Facts on Core Strengthening Facts

Review these 15-facts on strengthening the core muscles of the body.
1. The core muscles of the body include the abdominals, thighs, hips, and back
2. Core muscles are commonly referred to as the power zone or power house
3. Core refers to the central region of the body or torso
4. Core strengthening is vital for optimizing the abdominals, glutei muscles, and the erector spina during both dynamic and non-dynamic movements
5. The development of the core muscles are vital for the following purposes:
• Stability during movement
• Maintaining balance
• Improving coordination
6. During the execution of dynamic movements (running, jumping, lifting or and pulling) core strengthening benefits and stabilizes the spine
7. Core muscles play an integral role during movement because they support posture as well as the coordination of muscle action
8. Strong core muscles are essential for exerting force and absorbing shock
9. Functional training improves the core strength needed for complete muscle development
10. When core muscles are weakened there is a higher tendency of:
• Lower back pain
• Insufficient posture alignment
• Abdominal strains
• Joint breakdown
• Feeble muscle strength
• The inability to balance and withstand external forces
11. The exercises of core strength training are verisimilar to the exercises of Pilate programs
12. An efficacious and safe core training program entails a progressive process of four to five basic movements that challenge stability and muscle
13. Improving core strength has been found to significantly decrease or prevent the injuries associated with chronic back pain, physical inflexibility as well as instability
14. The progression of a core strength regimen generally transpires between three to six weeks of the programfs starting point
15. As with any exercise fitness regimen, individuals should seek the advice of a physician before starting the program.

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