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The Progression and Frequency of Bodybuilding

In the spectrum of weight training, there’s no room for overachieving; especially for beginners. Lifting weights and pumping iron come with hefty side events like back injury and pain. Muscle tissue maybe damaged when muscles are over extended. It is why weight training requires pacing, progression and frequency.
Prevalently, novice weight trainers are prone to make the same fatal mistake: lifting more weight than their body can handle. The formula to any well designed strength fitness program is progressive resistance. The concept involves allowing muscles to gradually adapt to each given exercise.
In order to excel at making weight training gains requires incremental yet slow increases in the resistance, weight or repetitions. The ideal weight should be comfortable enough to do a minimum of eight repetitions for a specific exercise.
After 12 repetitions have been completed with a weight, then the resistance may be increased by up to five percent. Then, the repetition with the new weight should be done at eight repetitions until the weight can be worked up to 12 repetitions. As the body builds endurance, keep gradually adding weight and repetitions. But remember to reduce repetitions each time the resistance is increased to build the progression.
As far as the frequency of progression, resistance and strength training are concerned, there are several considerations. Primarily, weight training sessions should not be scheduled more than every other day. The body develops muscles during periods after intensive strength training sessions or during rest periods.
Alternatively, for the weight training enthusiast who prefers to train often, it is pertinent to alternate major muscles group and not over work the same groups on consecutive days. When muscles are given the time to recover, they are rebuilt to grow stronger.

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