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Getting the Most from Bicycling

Bicycling is tantamount to pedaling one’s way into fitness. Comfort is the most relevant component of cycling. For many riders, the focal point is the how the seat feels. Contrary to popular belief, plastic seats are quite uncomfortable. Unlike a leather seat, a plastic one can impede the distance of any ride. Since the perches are as supple as a slab of marble, they are more apt to afflict pain and soreness in the saddle area.
Another seat type to avoid is the spring-like cushiony models. Quite infrequently, to they offer the adequate comfort to the more serious bike rider. Leather saddles are the seats of choice for many cyclists. Although, the seat appear and feel hard it can be easily broken in. Upon prolonged, use, the cowhide inevitably modifies to the contour and shape of the derriere.
Aside from the comfort of bicycle’s seat, the pace at which one pedals can be either forgiving or quite brutal. For example, ten-speed bikes have ten various gear selections. The gears are devised to accommodate the various elements of the climate (wind) and the terrain.
Limiting the ride to one gear is a major faux pas. The concept of cycling entails learning cadence. The development of an ideal rhythm is to synchronize the cranking revolutions to with the body's metabolic rate. In example, although a lower gear may seem simple enough, it will soon fatigue the body into performing at the extra revolutions needed to maintain an easy speed. As a result, it is important to find a gear that enables the cyclist to pedal comfortably regardless of the conditions of the ride.
During windy days, it is best to cycle very much like a horse racing jockey. The head should be maintained in a downward position with the shoulders pulled in. The same pedaling methodology can be applied when cycling up steep grades.

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