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Simple Weight Loss

Safe and efficacious weight loss involves two critical elements: exercise, a nutritional diet. Frequently in an effort to speed up weight loss, dieters deprive their bodies of nutrients and recommended daily allowances.

Quite often the definition of ‘aerobic’ is associated with women working out in leotards. The meaning of aerobic represents that the body is employing oxygen to break down or metabolize fat and sugar. More importantly, there is a correlation between oxygen and burning fat. Oxygen is a dire necessity for the muscle cell to burn through fat. With regular exercise, aerobic and/or cardiovascular exercises, oxygen consumption and metabolic rates innately improve the body’s ability to burn calories faster.

After the aerobic base has been enhanced, physical trainers recommend adding weight training to fitness programs either two or three times per week. Once cardiovascular exercises have built the body’s fitness tolerance level, the recovery between and after exercises will be improved. The objective of weight training is to help develop more active muscles. The reason more active muscles is important is because it accelerates metabolism so that there is more caloric burn throughout the course of the day.

Another advantage of implementing weight training into a fitness program is that it creates tone and definition in the muscle – making the legs, arms and abdominals glisten with sex appeal. Despite the benefits or cardio and weight training, flexibility exercises should be a part of any fitness program, once a week. Finally, stretching after aerobic and weight training sessions will help enhance the range of motion in joints while diminishing muscle soreness. In essence, eating right and staying fit are the essentials of weight management.

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