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Peddling and Steering with Bicycle Safety

Just as joggers should wear appropriate attire for a comfortable and enduring run, attire plays a fundamental role in bicycling. During bicycling, a comfort strategy can be found in the cyclist’s attire. Shorts and pants with thick inseams have a way of chafing the thigh region. If you cannot afford an expensive pair of chamois-lined biking shorts, regular sweat pants are a feasible alternative.

Certain cyclists prefer to improve their comfort and safety by using toe clips to the bicycle's pedals. For the novice riders, the attachments represent an inability to remove the feet from the pedal. On the contrary, it is quite simple to expediently remove the feet quickly from stirrups during an emergency. The key to riding with toe clips involves leaving sufficient slack in the adjustable straps.

Bicycling safety strategies and tips:

•Wear a bike helmet to prevent any biking fatalities

•Always wear protection on the eyes (goggles or sunglasses)

•Always make sure that you are visible to motorists (reflective accessories)

•Caution is advised when passing parked cars, too.

•Never ride against traffic since a head-on collision may prove to be more detrimental than a hit from behind

•Maneuver over train tracks at a right cross angle

•Sand, potholes and gravel pose risks to cycling safety. Whenever a rider encounters the threats, lift your weight off the bicycle seat.

•Carry a water bottle during both cold and warm climates

•When cycling in harsh, cold climates, dress in layers.

•Take heed when crossing sewer grates

•A kryptonite u-lock or high-quality lock is a must-have to prevent bike thieves

•To properly secure the bike run the cable or u-lock through the frame of the bicycle to a rack or an immovable object.

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