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Weight Loss Mistakes

To certain medical and nutritional experts, weight loss is a science. For the rest of us, the challenge of losing weight necessitates understanding nutrition. It exceeds following a diet free of carbohydrates. Review the top weight loss blunders everyone commits:

1. Following a diet that is NOT a weight management program geared for the rest of one’s life. For example, the low carbohydrate diet is not nutritionally balanced enough to follow as a lifetime eating plan.

2. Obsessive weighing in may lead to disappointment which triggers ditching a diet. Try to weigh yourself once a week.

3. Calorie counting miscalculating serving sizes. Aside from natural foods like fruits and vegetables, it is a challenge to keep up with the caloric value of many cooked or processed foods.

4. Over-indulgence of starchy foods like breads, potatoes, pastas, proteins, lean meats, fruits and vegetables

5. Consuming pre-packaged foods, processed foods opposed to fresh ones

6. Forgoing breakfast

7. Consuming inappropriate fluids coupled with i Insufficient doses of water and consumption of sugary beverages (sweetened iced tea, lemonade, gourmet soft drinks, and juices high in fructose) are serious diet saboteurs.

8. Over-indulgence in food portions.

9. Depriving the body of food all day as a means of losing weight

10. Consumption of second servings of foods and meals

11. A negative attitude about dieting

12. Failure to follow a healthy weight management plan

13. Lack of nutritional knowledge – failure to learn about the benefits of a well balanced diet or modifying eating habits results in the cycle of yo-yo dieting

14. Eating salads and vegetables with excessive salad dressings and oils

15. After breaking a diet with a bad food, binging and deferring the diet for another day

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