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Clarity on Cardio

For those of you wondering whether a cardiovascular program or weight training program is better, the results are in. Based on fitness experts and certified personal trainers, a regimen of both heart-pounding and pumping iron are recommended for optimal health.

Many an exercise physiologist will prescribe cardiovascular activity prior to the bodybuilding part of the work-out. For instance, running or jumping rope can
warm up the body maximizing the capabilities of the strength portion of the work-out. The rule applies as the reverse to cardiovascular exercise. For example, if an exerciser does either squats or leg extensions, it could impair the energy level or negatively affect the running form.

Cardiovascular exercise may serve as a time-saver prior to weight lifting. Since the energy level is charged up, the muscles will be warmed up and in peak preparation to body build. Another overlooked aspect of the exercise regimen is the warm up or initial stretch. While cardiovascular activity has the role of preparing the body for extended energy to lift weights, stretching is vital to the aerobic exercise to minimize the risk of injury. In example, stretching before working out may decrease the chances of pulling a muscle during cardio-exercise and even weight training.

Weight lifting tip for body building rookies: The weight of the appropriate dumbbells, barbells and lifting equipment will vary from exerciser-to-exerciser. The best way to find the proper lifting weight is to find a weight where 10 repetitions can be done in one to three sets. The last sets should be challenging. If you have significant energy after ten repetitions, then more weight is needed. As an alternate, if it is too hard completing an entire set of 10 repetitions, the weight is too heavy.

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